BLACK~ book 1(the ending)


                LANA~ book 2 (the beginning)


           Written by: Danielle Gianni-Corrick


               Story inspired by: Many lives


          Published by: Danielle Gianni-Corrick


   Author photo by: Brian Verga/Nuthouse Prod.          


    Cover photo by: Brian Verga/Nuthouse Prod.


I want to THANK YOU my loving family and my wonderful friends who have stood by my side… as YOU have been traveling along with me on my writing journey, and I want to THANK YOU my angels in heaven as YOU have guided me every step of the way. I LOVE YOU ALL!

THANK YOU Dana for pushing me to believe in my writing, when fear almost got in the way of my dreams! I LOVE YOU!


P.S. THANK YOU Jay, Jason and Desiree’ for being so supportive! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!












                      This Diary Belongs To:


                            LANA BLACK















































MY LOVE’S SOUL                            






Feb. 6, 2012


Dearest Diary,


It’s been quite some time since I have written upon a diary’s pages. It’s hard to describe how I feel inside. A lot can happen in almost four years, though it feels as it were yesterday that I had to let go of Armond. Still I wonder what he’s doing… if he’s happy with Miara Fayna, if he misses me, does he think of me, will I ever see him again…? Who knows?


It’s been a long few years on the other hand working on my marriage to Aaron. Aaron has become quite the erotic sex partner! After Aaron pretty much burned our house down, there was a choice I had to make. The question in my mind was do I stay with Aaron and start over our life together, or do I leave my marriage and start over alone. I would’ve never guessed that I would pick to stay, however Aaron’s true change, caused me a change of heart. Although Armond lingers inside of my mind every day, I know this is the life I am to live. Armond lives forever inside of my heart. No matter where I am, Armond will always be with me. Good thing for memories and dreams.


Anyway I’ll try to write more later on. Until then, thank you diary for your pages.




Hi my diary it’s me.


Aaron has been so busy rebuilding our home. The siding is up, and the roof is done on the one side of the house. It’s coming along so nice! We haven’t spent that much time together, however when we do it’s really quite hot! I sometimes almost feel guilty for being so aroused by Aaron, knowing that my heart beats heavily for Armond. It’s not that I don’t love Aaron, and I don’t accept my life as it is because I do. I’m grateful for all that I had to go through to get to where I am today. Aaron is amazing, and so are the two children he has given me. As painful as it was to let Armond go, I’ll still always hold onto his love forever. If it weren’t for Armond’s existence, I would’ve never found that strength to become who I am today. I wouldn’t have found my balance. I wouldn’t have found myself. Finding Armond has awakened me from the darkness and brought me into the light, as long as Armonds love remains inside of my heart… my inner light will always shine.


I’m watching out the window Aaron picking up cinderblock after cinderblock, creating a basement… something we never had. It’s getting late and he’s just going and going like the Energizer rabbit. I’m pulling up the window and I’m going to call out to him to come in. It’s almost 11 o’clock at night. Good night my dearest diary.


Lana XXX


Hello diary it’s only me. It’s about 1:20 AM, and it’s just one of those nights. I lay here on my bed fantasizing about Armond, as my fingers start to sensually wander and explore tender parts of my body. I imagine Armonds touch upon my skin, and then I fall asleep. Isn’t it funny how we can meet someone and know them for only a short while, yet love them with all of our heart for the rest of our life…? Is that called a soul-mate? Is there such a thing, as I believe there is to be?  If so, I believe I have found mine.


Anyway… I’m really writing tonight because I just woke up from a dream. I’ve been having these I’ve ‘been here before’ dreams lately… they’re almost the same as the visions I have seen inside of Mystical Forest. Armond is always in them, and he’s mostly with this woman with long dark hair. I never see her face it’s always shadowed and blurry. The rest of everything and everyone else in my dreams are vivid and clear, where I can see every detail and line on their face. Just tonight I had a dream of this white vintage carriage with jeweled stone’s encrusted on the back; Count and Countess. The cobble stone ground was multicolored mostly pinks, purples, and grays; where the women with blood red lips, cherry cheeks, and breasts peaked out of their corsets strolled upon it. Their men were all in top hats and canes, and in the middle of the crowd of all pale faces… I saw Armond’s blush cheeks! He was walking toward this jeweled encrusted carriage labeled Count and Countess, wearing a top hat and cape. People were following him, and clapping for him! Everyone was singing behind him as he bowed down, tipped his hat and said “Thank you all, much love…and tomorrow… for tomorrow I shall return, and perform such a scene… until than!” He swung open his cape and threw it over his right shoulder, as he stepped up to the jeweled carriage door. He bowed once more to the applauding crowd and said “For… I am Count Dracula, the son of the Dragon!” As he opened the door, he took his top hat into his right hand and pulled the door closed with his left. Inside of the carriage was this woman awaiting Armond; however I couldn’t see her face! He closed his eyes and kissed her with such passion. She reached for him with her left hand as she caressed his face and his dimpled chin. She traced his bow tied lips with her fingertips, and I heard her say to Armond “You’re my One! You’re my Forever Someone! You’re my Count Dracula… my Michael!” The two white horses with jeweled and white feathered saddles, along with their noble riders dressed in white; carried Armond and his Countess away in their jeweled carriage. As the carriage rode away onto the cobble stone ground, over a hill and onto a path that lead to a castle, overlooking a waterfall… my dream ended!


When I woke up I thought … ‘how can I be dreaming of Armond when all Aaron does is everything right?’


Anyway… do you see what I mean diary about my feelings? My feelings for Aaron have changed, however my feelings for Armond have not. I never thought I could actually feel this way again for Aaron, however I wonder is it Armond’s love that I feel, as I’m fucking and making love to Aaron? Is it Armond’s love that I crave when I kiss Aaron’s lips and erection?  Is it Armond’s love that I feel when Aaron’s penis is deep inside of me? Ugh… I NEED TO BALANCE MY DESIRES!


Anyway Diary I’m breathing in and out, in and out… controlling my crude tongue. Until next time! Hopefully tomorrow! Thank you so much for listening.






Hello Diary,


Aaron has been so busy rebuilding our home, that I figured a good blow-job would be nice tonight!


As deep as my mouth went… I pressed my tongue firmly against the sides of his swollen penis, and I sucked his tip deep as I placed my slender finger in and out of his backside rear entrance at the same time! He howled like a wolf!


He told me to stop sucking and for me to turn my body around on the dining room table, so he could watch his ultimate pride and joy enter my wet, hot and ready puss-puss lips from behind. I screamed for Aaron to pump deep, hard, and fast… so he did just that!


I on my all fours… he then spread my rump’s soft pillowed cushions wide open, and he placed his many hard inches as deep as he could go inside of my puckered rear! He pumped harder and deeper, as I screamed for more… so he gave me more, as I fingered myself while he penetrated inside of my derriere.


He pumped so hard and so fast inside of me! I just love the sound of our sweaty flesh, as it smacks up against one another! I screamed and howled as he exploded his hot cream inside of me!


I dripped his hot cream from my swollen puckered backside, as Aaron watched his large penis slowly release itself from inside of my hot wet inside!  


Aaron has changed so much during sex in these last few years, and not to mention watching him rebuild our home in the cold weather… watching him hammer nails, he’s done so much too much to mention! It makes me wonder… if Aaron never set fire to our house we would not have had anything to rebuild. There’s a reason for everything. When I asked Aaron why he burned our home, he said “I thought you were never coming back, and if I didn’t have you… I didn’t want anything!”


Here Aaron and I are rebuilding our life, and having erotic hot steamy sex… and here I am about to write upon your pages all of my buried emotions for Armond… there are so many of them, so many emotions! Sometimes I feel sad even when I’m happy, because I’m thinking of Armond. Sometimes I’m lonely even when I’m with Aaron, because Armond is not with me. Still I think of his face, his chanting… his smile!


Ugh… I’ll write more when I’m not so scattered. Good night diary.






February 16th.


Hello diary


I watch Aaron as he builds our home. He’s done so many amazing things! What his hands can do!


Oh tonight he was holding me close to his heart, as he had me naked on the kitchen counter top! We made love and we fucked in many ways, and many times! Aaron took my wet puss-puss to the edge of the granite counter, and pulled onto my hair harder and harder while he held my head back… then he sucked on my perky nipples, and kissed my body till his tongue licked me deep inside of my tender pink! I allowed my wet puss-puss to leave creamy drips all over his full lips.


Aaron then slid my body down upon him, so I rode upon his thick main vein and I sat upon his penis… while I squeezed my soft pussy lips around his tip. I kissed his wet lips and sucked on his tongue, as my nails dug into his hard ripped chest. He rubbed my clit, while I rode him fast! My head tilted back and with my nipples erect… I arched my back, as I grinded my saturated soft wet puss-puss in circles. Still grinding upon him… I rotated my body now facing the counter, as we were still locked together I took his penis from behind. He slid it all the way inside of me, and then he released it all the way back out of me! ALL THE WAY BACK IN… as I grinded his bones in circles, and again he released himself ALL THE WAY BACK OUT! I rested my clit upon his tip… we made love, and we fucked! We did both! Aaron gagged me with an apple to muffle my screams, and he tenderly kissed me!


I gained a whole new respect for Aaron that I just can’t explain. I’m so grateful for the husband and father that Aaron is… he really is great! I could go on and on for what he has done for me, and for our family.


I definitely can’t complain about anything. It’s just very weird, because yet I’m happy in the here and now… I just can’t seem to stop dreaming about Armond. Why do I endlessly dream about him…? I wonder, does he dream about me? I’m speaking out into the night… watching the clouds as the wind presses against my lips, and it feels as someone is kissing me. I believe the universe does speak to me, and I understand Aaron has changed, but what about the changes I have made? I have made so many changes inside of myself, and I have grown in such a different way than I would have… if I hadn’t met Armond. I know Armond is the reason why I am the way I am today. It was the desire for him that I carried, from the moment I left his passionate embrace. It was Armond’s love, his windows to his soul. It was his energy that balanced me. It’s been Armond’s love and light that has shined inside of me this whole time! AHH!


I’m writing upon your pages to let out my emotions, so I can feel like a great mommy in the morning and prepare breakfast for my happy little family that I love so very much. Should I feel guilty for being so grateful for meeting Armond, to give me such light to carry and give to my family…?




February 21st.


Hello my diary,


It’s another night, another dream. This time it was of that same woman with the blurred face. She was putting together costumes for a theatre play. There were capes, corsets, lace, and bustiers. Above the costume mistress’ head, was a sign of black and red Count Dracula… the son of the Dragon.


As the mistress put together the many costumes she started to undress herself, trying on the beautiful bustiers and corsets of pearls and lace dripping with jewels. She posed in the mirror as she watched herself caress her breasts, as Armond came out from behind the stage curtain. He cupped her erect nipples into his hands, as she caressed him through his satin pants and she said “Mirror, mirror on the wall… who is the fairest of them all?” Armond said “Why you are the fairest of them all.” Melana melted onto the stage floor naked just waiting for Armond to rescue her fall. She said “If I am the fairest of them all, make me yours forever. Make me your forever someone. I want to be your one… for I am your true love!” Armond dropped his cape to the stage floor, and dimmed the lights to purple. Melana surrendered herself to Armond, as her curvaceous lil’ body went limp. He carried her into his arms to the center of the stage, placing her gently onto the heart shaped bed. Armond took off his black vest and ruffled white shirt and pants, as Melana lay there panting and waiting for him to penetrate her petal pink cell.


Melana’s long dark hair wrapped along the sides of her breasts, as pearls wrapped around her neck. Armond held onto Melana’s necklace, as he gently pulled her closer to his warm embrace. He kissed her lips, and brushed white feathers upon every inch of her porcelain flesh. He feathered Melana everywhere, and it drove her wild! She moaned as she took Armond by his long locks, and she pulled his hair. She kissed his lips over and over, and over again… she couldn’t get enough! Melana’s body trembled, as Armond placed her on top of him; while he enjoyed her warm pink wrapped around his erection. They sang to each other in a low chant while they reached their climax together, as they moved to the racing beats of their hearts. The purple light’s changed to red…then my dream came to an end!


It’s about 12 o’clock and after having that dream I feel like having some hot love. Aaron knows my body better than I know it myself. He knows how to touch me, when to be gentle, and when to be rough. He knows how deep to go, how fast and how slow. Anyway… I’m going to put you away my diary, and try to wake Aaron in the sweetest way. Maybe some nibbles on his ear, or maybe some kisses on his chest, or maybe some bites on his neck. I’ll let you know all about it later.




Hello my diary,


It’s about 3:00 AM, and I’m in the kid’s room right now, hiding inside their closet. Everyone is sleeping, and I’m about to write to you what I just experienced. After having that dream, I woke Aaron.  I decided… well okay I could try to nibble on his ear, so I did that but he really didn’t move. Then I decided… well let me kiss him up and down his chest, so I did. He squirmed around a little bit, but nothing much. So… then I said to myself… okay let me just bite his neck a little bit. The bite definitely woke him, but not in the way I anticipated.


I started to stroke his chest with my finger nails, than I started to nibble on his ear… that’s when I bit him. I bit him a little too hard! I pierced him and drew blood. Aaron not only pushed me off of him immediately, but he touched his neck and yelled “Are you crazy? You made me bleed!” Instead of going and getting a tissue or a towel, I decided to embrace him and licked the blood from his neck. He looked at me in the eyes… I’m standing there with his blood upon my lips, as I smiled and said “Are you okay?” Shocked I guess his face was telling me. He said “Am I okay…!? No! I’m not okay! You hurt me! You bit me!” I said “I’m sorry! I am so, so sorry!” He said “I’m not mad at you. I just don’t understand why you bit me…!”  I said “I was trying to wake you up to get your attention.” He said “Are you okay…? Are the kids okay…? Well you caught my attention, is everything okay!” I said “Yeah… I was just in the mood for some warm sweet lovins.”


So I tried to make matters better, and I got a Band-Aid to put over his Lana wound. I kissed it, again said I was sorry.

Then… he forgot all about the bite after the session that we had.


Bodies of sweat combined for a slippery ride holding on tight to the rod ironed head board, as we both had an orgasm and climaxed together! Aaron has a way of just knowing how to hold onto me and how to move my body, as he penetrates deep inside of me. I just love to watch his eyes roll behind his head, as his back arches up and his body starts to go through mini convulsions.  


You know diary… I couldn’t help but envision in my mind Melana and Armond’s sexual encounter on the heart-shaped bed, in the middle of the theater stage. Who was I making love to tonight? Was it Aaron? Was it Armond?


Oh! Gotta go…I think Colton’s waking up. He usually does, to go to the bathroom. As always, thank you diary for listening.




Hello diary,


So today, as everyday my Colton and Crystal make me laugh with the things they say, and the things they believe… the amazing things they do. I just love every moment that I have with them. It’s always fun to create projects. Today Crystal painted a red robin on a tree branch with snow falling upon its beak, and Colton built Lego’s that took no time at all… and a whole creature of some kind was made! Both of my babies are so good. They are such great kids, with great auras and personalities. Anyway… we waited for their dad to come in from working on the house to shower, than we ate. I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen while dad and the kids played a game, than we took our second fresh air walk of the day. Well, that’s what we call it. Just down the street is a little pathway that leads to a trail. This trail we travel almost every day in a red wagon with blankets, snacks and drinks. We look for the perfect tree on the trail, than we have our picnic. Anyway, today was just a really great day, as every day.


I feel that writing about my babies… my kids inside of my diary, actually is a bit strange to me. Hmmm… Perhaps I should start a journal for the mommy and her babies, and ONLY for the mommy and her babies, and keep my diary for my fantasies and dreams… 


With all that being said diary…




Hello my diary,


Tonight was a crazy night. My absolute highest desire was to share violent passionate love with Aaron! I needed to feel him inside my lusting self. I needed to feel his body inside mine while I fantasized. I thought about Melana and Armond, as I gripped Aaron’s back while he pulsated inside me. I thought… who am I? Melana…? Lana…?   AHHH! Here comes Aaron, I think it’s better to put you away diary.


I’ll write more another day. Until then, thank you so much for listening.


























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