IMMORTAL LOVE…A poem by: Danielle Gianni Corrick

Let me sip onto

your blood that runs

let it slip through my veins

take away this painful crave.

Like a vampire

feeding on forbidden love

immortal love becomes

flames of temptation.

If we feed our desire

if we feed our crave

if we feed like vampire

our love will burn with the flames.

The flames will burn our skin

the fire will feed on our sins

the amber will rise even higher

as the ash blows with the wind.

We’re gone…all our passion and desire.

So hold onto, to what is this

eternal love

our silent passionate bliss.

Stay hungry

don’t give into the hungriness

fight the lust

and the loneliness.

Veins pulse

heart beats are treacherous

it’s burning love

igniting my chest.

Love never dies, inside a vampire’s eyes

souls drifting as one

and never good byes.

Tears may fall

and burn my skin

I’m flammable…

dead within.

What keeps me alive

is our love that hides

living deep

so deep inside.

Two souls as one

living in our own space

Immortal love

We’ll wait for the taste.


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SOUL TO SOUL…A poem by: Danielle Gianni Corrick

Wide awake can’t sleep a wink…?

When the mind races, and all you do is think.

Thinking and thinking about what is, what was,

and what will be.

Thinking and thinking about the could’s and the should-be’s.

With each thought that slips by, and with each memory that grips…

you are always there, we’re as two passing ships.

Who knows what will become, and who knows what the future holds…

the heart knows what it wants, as the soul goes to where it knows.

Before life as we know it…

you and I existed, but on another planet.

Another year…

another date…

another plane…

the time is different,

but the soul’s the same.

The soul don’t change,

and the soul don’t lie.

The soul finds its way,

while its love never dies.

Once the soul finds its long lost love at last…

they both can finally live and love,

heart to heart, soul to soul, hand in hand.





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SELFLESS LOVE…A poem by: Danielle Gianni Corrick

I knew I loved you from the very start…

it was not only a deep pounding inside my heart.

My soul spoke, my soul cried…

my soul opened up, while I tried to breathe, but sighed.

Refreshing at last…

a love so real, true love at its best.

It was your soothing voice, your sincere eyes, your infectious smile…

it was your high energy, your peaceful vibe, your unique style.

Something else was EXTRA SPECIAL…that you possessed.

That something EXTRA SPECIAL was your soul,

the missing puzzle piece… to fit my soul best.

Love at first sight is hard to believe…

lust comes to mind, but that’s not so for me.

Love at first sight…who would believe?

For what it’s worth… my soul knows what it feels and sees.

So close, but not… I can feel your arms around me.

So close, but not…I can see our eyes connecting.

So close, but not… my soul feels you near.

So close, but not…and I feel no fear.

Selfless love is what I have for you…

no matter if you love me back, what you say, or do.

Selfless love is what this is…

I love you and I always will,

my heart has been, and will remain patient,

my soul is waiting for you still.

Forever is my love, it’s forever me and you…

selfless love, a love so real, a love true blue.


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I FEEL YOU CLOSER…A poem by: Danielle Gianni Corrick

I feel you closer…

you’re coming closer and closer.

I feel you coming closer,

but are you coming for me?

As the seconds, minutes, and hours pass by…

I can feel your energy.

Your energy is combining with mine…

I feel you coming closer,

as the seconds, minutes, and hours pass by.

I feel you inside…

I feel your vibe…

the connection to you, I just can’t hide.

I feel you closer…

I just hope it’s for me.

How will I know?

Will you tell me in my dreams?

I feel you coming closer…

you are so close, you are almost here.

I feel you closer…

you are so near.

Just incase it’s for me…

I’m telling you now that I can barely wait.

Just incase it’s for me…

I’ll know what led you , but fate.





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FOR NOW I’LL DREAM OF YOU…A poem by: Danielle Gianni Corrick

Once upon a time there was only me.

Only me…dreaming up someone like you.

There came a day…you appeared before my eyes,

that is the day I became hypnotized.

I started to think…I must be in one of my dreams,

than I realized it was as real as it seemed.

You stood before me, as I once have seen…

not in person only in my dreams.

I had to pinch myself…because I just couldn’t believe

you were in front of me, as if you escaped from my dreams.

I made my way to you, as I longed for your eyes to meet mine…

I hugged you tightly in our short moments time.

Your smile…my addiction,

your voice had my attention.

The way you moved me,

the way you swooned me,

the way you stared…

I felt you cared.

An attraction of the eye,

the heart, the soul…

an attraction of two beings

two halves to make a whole.

Making our ways…

as I went mine, and you went yours.

I have missed you ever since…

my heart has been torn.

I realize that your heart belongs to someone else,

as I long for you…I placed my heart upon the shelf.

I still see you time to time,

as the days, months, and years pass us  by…

but not one moment passes

that you don’t pass through my mind.

I never let go…

even though we have gone our own way.

I never let go…

in my soul you will stay.

Soul mates is what I would like to believe…

as your there, and I’m here,

you’re my hope… my destiny.

Often I do wonder…

if you think of me, or miss me too.

I guess I’ll never know

so for now I’ll dream of you.


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TEN LIVES…A poem by: Danielle Gianni Corrick

Although the heart can love someone,

or better yet so many.

Does not mean the souls in love…

with the one or plenty.

The soul knows just what it wants…

and does whatever it does to feel complete.

The soul once it finds its perfect place…

it’s the truest of love so sweet.

The heart so full of love and affection,

the soul so full of truth…

the souls but a deeper love,

it’s to the core and to the root.

The soul knows just where it belongs…

yet sometimes can not find its way.

The soul knows who it wants…

it’s mission is to find it’s soul mate.

Sometimes souls find their mate,

but it’s just not the right time…

because the heart has chosen another,

as the soul is left to cry.

Although the heart is a magic place…

it’s just not the same.

The soul is such a perfect place…

and it already knows its soul mates name.

If and when souls find one another…

through this world we live.

Blessed be the two connected souls…

who will have all their endless love to give.

Souls travel time and space…

in order to find its match.

Souls don’t settle for anything less…

even if it takes ten lives to come back.


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Late at night when I can’t sleep,

and I can’t seem to get you off my mind…

I lay here in my lonely bed, as I get lost in time.

The thoughts of you are ongoing and endless,

as I close my eyes to wonder…you are there.

I can feel your touch and hear your voice…

your vibe is everywhere.

Sometimes I wonder…

if you can’t sleep.

Sometimes I wonder…

if you’re awake thinking of me.

I feel you always, day or night…

it’s a feeling that won’t subside.

I feel you always, dreaming or awake…

I feel you deep inside.

Although my nights are sleepless in love…

I would have it no other way.

I love you more than you could ever know…

more than words can ever say.





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